New Single: The Anthem (ft. Mike Avery)

So psyched to unveil my third single off the upcoming album Say It Loud out this March 2015. 

For this record I first went out to New York to record with some of the daptone records guys to get the main groove Of the tune. Then I had to travel out to Van Nyus to record a children's choir, which was the most nerve racking thing I have done in my entire life! Having a group of 7-11 year olds sing your song is quite the feeling. I then finished up the song with Mike Avery in Chicago. He was one super soulful dude and really captured the golden era funk vibes that I love so much. Overall, this is a song that is a total funk dance party. Enjoy with friends, preferably in a room full of disco balls :)

written by: Grant Kwiecinski

produced by: Grant Kwiecinski

guitar: Grant Kwiecinski / Kevin Donahue

bass: Grant Kwiecinski

saxophone: Grant Kwiecinski

vocals: Mike Avery & the Los Angeles children's choir

scratching: Chris Karns

music, say it loud

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